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A relatable, reflective and motivational mentorship experience, measured by the human result of Recognition. Route2Recognition is a quarterly, half-yearly or annual mentor-in-your-pocket road trip, designed for employees, driving teams and individuals from A-B.

Designed as an online and/or hybrid journey, employees are guided and mentored by life coach experts in the field of business, communication and inspired well-being, while affording every driver the flexibility of self-mentorship during their route.

R2R offers its drivers a choice of three enriching routes filled with motivational seminars, breakthrough sessions, emotional sightseeing, pings and pitstops, tank fillers and picnic spot challenges. Each route begins with a Padkos Box, a road map, a flashlight and a Happiness Journal - to help navigate the journey to expansive human potential.

Along the way there'll be space for journaling, sharing, courageous conversations, reflections, emotional intelligence, empathy and dialogue. 

The kind of road trip everyone should take at least once in their lives...

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