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The Team Behind Woven Bark


In 2005 we started Woven Bark – and quickly became corporate South Africa’s go-to for gifting. In 2018 we stopped being crazy about boxed gifts and started obsessing about human connection instead. This led us on a new mission: to swap out the material for the meaningful and to replace the giveaway with a slice of inspired living. And our clients love it!    


Curating signature experiences with care and love by business partners Michelle and Lee-Ann (that’s us), is the hallmark of Woven Bark. Today, Woven Bark is the public’s first choice in experience gifting – no presents, only presence. 


We believe that in a world filled with material possessions, experiences are the true currency of happiness. We’re on a journey to curate memorable encounters that go beyond traditional gifts, leaving a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of both recipients and givers. 

Our team of experience-curators scour the country to discover unique and unforgettable local talent; people we can seamlessly collaborate with to build exclusively designed adventures, workshops, tastings and more


Our experience packages are designed to inspire the giver in you.


From exclusive wining and dining experiences to thrilling outdoor escapades, from thought-provoking workshops to wellness retreats every WB gift experience is intended to be a world-class occasion; crafted to inspire and enthuse, and to build bonds; to ignite joy, spark curiosity, and leave an imprint (and a selfie) on the lives of others.  


Based in South Africa, we build you a private and unique experience anywhere in the country. From corporate to casual, business to home-crafted, we weave with you to make this day in your calendar memorable, sophisticated and fit for friends, private sororities, birthday parties, team appreciation, conferencing or, just because.          


Our promise is to bring back the truest feeling of ‘receiving’ – and we can’t wait to share it with you.


We’ve been weaving beautiful moments into the daily lives of South Africans since 2005. With our client’s vision to spoil, we’ve surprised, sourced, and specialised in gifting and more recently, by curating unique experiences which leave recipients feeling valued.

This is what our clients have to say about their journey with Woven Bark Studios:

"I have known Michelle at Woven Bark Studios for many years, and they are always my preferred gift supplier. Michelle always listens attentively and brings our ideas to life, she sources the greatest selection of gifts, at reasonable prices and always has an excellent turnaround time. Over the years, you have always exceeded our expectations with the gift requests, and coming up with new and fresh ideas as well.
Our recipients always give feedback to say that they feel like VIPs with the most beautiful packaging and spoils. Thank you for your excellent customer service, attention to detail and personalization with every one of our requests."

“A lot of thought, planning and preparation goes into each task we tackle.
We work closely with local makers to source the best quality.
We are always looking for new products that tell a story.”

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