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23 October 2023

And why we love it.

Out of the box and on the rocks.

Picture the moment: You’re surrounded by your closest colleagues about to toast the year away, whisky glass in hand, fireworks going off (though that might just be because you had one too many), and contagious smiles around the room. That’s the power of a good sip.


It’s not just about the delicious warmth spreading across your body with every nip. 


It’s not just about the golden hues dancing delicately around your glass. 


It’s not just about the deep and complex flavours swirling on your tongue. 


And it’s not just about feeling like the main character in a 1920s movie taking thoughtful gulps in a secret speakeasy. 


It’s about the experience. 


We love whisky because it brings us together. It unites our taste buds into a glorious moment of human connection, laughter, and pure golden joy. And it’s been bonding communities all over the world for hundreds of years. Whisky production only started becoming popular in the year 1494 as ‘uisce beatha’ or ‘Uisge Beatha’, meaning the ‘water of life’. And we agree – it certainly brings life to the party and love in our bones!

However, the story of one of our favourites’ goes back a lot further than that. In fact, you can trace the history of whisky all the way back to around 1000 – 1200 AD. Over a thousand years ago, the art of distillation moved from Europe to Scotland and Ireland, and things started to spice up. And no, we’re not talking about the latest mouthwatering, blended spicy whisky on the shelves! They didn’t exactly have vineyards and grapes back then, so our people in the North went so far as to ferment grain mash. And we’re so glad they did, because that resulted in the very first inkling of the modern whisky we’ve grown to love and share amongst our closest crew. It might’ve been a little too strong all those years ago, but it slowly found its feet over time. 

And here we are today, sipping on living, breathing history. Our very own malted muse. 

That moment. That feeling. That experience is what inspired us to move our favourite bottles off the shelves and barrel to your tables. We didn’t want to just wrap a bow around it, we wanted to create a memory. For that long-anticipated year-end function. For that special client appreciation lunch. For that luxurious awards ceremony designed for mutual respect and admiration. For the in-betweens, the networking events that craft triumph, the company outings that keep us going, the nights we bond over hard work and determination. Those moments.

Our premium whisky pairings are tailored to your palate with a smooth, oaky finish that tastes like success. And when we say we pair our nips well, we mean it. We’ve searched the corners of the globe and turned over every barrel to find the finest whisky around, from Japan and Ireland to America and beyond. Because we know you have a lot to toast to this year, and you deserve to toast your victories in style.

When your team heads home for the night, they’ll feel cherished. When your client walks away after an evening of pairings and human connection, they’ll feel valued. And most importantly, by the time that final drop hits your tongue, you’ll feel connected to your people.

It’s time to celebrate. Clink those glasses together and feel the warmth of an unforgettable experience wash over you. Every single sip is memorable. Pair it and share it.

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