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17 November 2023

What would you be?

Put the beers back in the cooler – it’s time to mix it up a little!

Everyone has a trademark cocktail they’ll order when they hit the bar. And if you don’t already, you should! Mixology is truly a form of art and a way of life; bartenders twist and shake different flavours in a delicious performance, leaving you with a drink that’s tangy, tantalizing – and maybe, even, a lot like you! Are you a little spicy with a taste for adventure? Or maybe a bit rebellious with a classy side? There’s a drink out there that perfectly matches your vibe, trust us.  That’s why Woven Bark has opened its own Mixology experience, which doubles down as a personality bar too!  Ask yourself this:  If you were a cocktail, what would you be? Read on barflies, read on…

1. Personality Mix: Dry Martini (gin/vodka, dry vermouth, and olive/lemon peel) 


You probably already know where we’re heading with this!

They like to keep things classy and mysterious. You can find them at the edge of the bar, thoughtfully swirling their drink around, keeping it low-key and yet, intriguing. They have so many interesting thoughts dancing around, and as for what they might do next? The possibilities are endless because they’re unpredictable. They’re sophisticated. They’re smooth. They’re a little sneaky sometimes, sure, but they have a secret heart of gold.


If that sounds like you, you’re probably a Martini! 



2. Personality Mix: Dirty Margarita (tequila, triple sec, simple syrup, jalapeno brine, and lime juice)


This is the kind of person to go all night – and they’re usually the ones hosting the after-party, too! 

They’re here to have a good time (for a long time) and they have a lot to celebrate. The big stuff, successful product launches and company anniversaries, but also the small stuff, like finishing a week filled with back-to-back project deadlines. Any reason to celebrate, really!

They aren’t afraid to be themselves, and they’ll make sure you know it. They take pride in their quirky, unique identity. They’re loud. They’re a little feisty. And they love meeting new people!

If that’s you to a T, there’s a good chance you’re a Margarita! Tequila-based drinks are your go-to, and you’re a bit of a mixed bag, from sweet and salty to sour and bitter.



3. Personality Mix: Daiquiri (white rum, simple syrup, and lime juice)


Do you constantly hear the call of the wild? Do you get a little restless and stuck in the same routine every day? You might just be a Daiquiri!

They go against the grain; they take on whatever adventure may come their way, including all the side quests, and do it in style. They live to travel and have journeyed far and wide (and won’t hesitate to tell you about it unprompted!)

They’re a little exotic, a little sweet, and a lot of fun. So it’s no surprise that they’re a Daiquiri! They love their rum. They’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth. And they love a strong, tasty concoction of adventurous bliss!



4. Personality Mix: Old-Fashioned (bourbon/whiskey, bitters, sugar cube, and water)


It’s pretty much in the name!


The Old-Fashioned is extremely old-school – they like tradition and don’t care for any of those fancy mixes. They’re simple and their ambitious drive is unrivalled. 


They’re not fussy at all. They roll with the times and will go wherever the night takes them without a single complaint. The Old-Fashioned is mature and believes in chivalry, justice, and class.


They’re fine with a good old-fashioned, straightforward drink. No fuss, no artificial stuff, no sugar-coating, no problem!



5. Personality Mix: Negroni (gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari)


Are you the person at the party just itching to share your expansive knowledge on the most obscure topics? Do you (for no discernible reason) know a lot of random facts and bits of information?


They’re eccentric; they don’t play according to the rules, have an unconventional style and way of life, and have endless talking points at the bar. They’ll never cease to surprise you with their intelligence and sharp wit. And just like their favourite drink, they’re profoundly deep and also a little dark. That’s right, they’re a Negroni!

This cocktail keeps you grounded, but also takes your taste buds on a journey – and you’ll definitely come back for more! 



Join Woven Bark for a privately curated MIXED experience where you’ll learn how to craft your own personality into a drink. Whether it’s a team-building experience, a spicy birthday, or a year-end function – joyful secrets are waiting for you behind the bar. Shake up your week, stir in the good times, and sip in style. Together. Mix it up!


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