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14 September 2023


We’ve all been there, done that and yes, we can’t find the t-shirt (you know, the classic box-cut, organic-cotton one that’s so in fashion right now? Exactly. That one.) We are no strangers to that dull, grey, aching, roll-your-eyes kind of pain when your wardrobe and everything in it feels as tired, worn-out and boooring as cousin Darrell’s sexist jokes around the annual family Easter table. 


Who says that it should be hard to find a style that screams YOU? Who says getting dressed in the morning for work shouldn’t just be part-and-play of one’s pleasure? Why can’t we have fun playing with a riot of different styles, colours, bandeaus, belts and bracelets that we never thought were us or – even worse - think we’re too old for? Why oh why do we have to waste one more day or another killer ’Yass, girl!’ outfit with the same baggy black pants that we promised ourselves we’d donate last winter, but still pull out every time we’re having a ‘fat’ day?  


The boring stops here. It’s time to put the ‘F’ back into everyday Fashion. F for Fun. F for Fierce. F for whatever you (ahem) feel like. How can you be the youest you when it comes to mixing, matching, adding, slashing, moving and grooving to the beat of your own style drum? How can you get up, get ready and get dressed to star in the blockbuster of your life?


We’ve buttoned up our Fab three F’s to get you into the self-love dressing room of your workday, mom day, Saturday: 


1. F for Fun 


Leave the black pants alone. Despite what Aunty Zelda told you at 16 – and 23 – that black goes with everything, and slims you down too – black can also steal your runway. Pull out the blue, or the orange and challenge yourself to show off some colour across the corridor. The London Image Institute tells us that colour shaping is the ultimate mood enhancer, for you and for others in the room. For example, orange enhances self-confidence and whirls in feelings of bravery while blue evokes a sense of calm and approachability. Imagine the day you’ll have from a slight shift on the colour chart?! Yes, people will look. And yes, you will secretly love it.       


2. F for Fierce 


Power dressing is a firm favourite of iconic stylist turned South African celebrity fashionista at age 52, Yasmin Furmie. In her interview with Business Day Wanted she says: “My look can be very masculine at times, so for me it’s just showing my confidence and my comfort with who I am and not necessarily trying to… be one or the other or both, and not performing for society and what I’m supposed to be.” Power dressing is a great way to up the ante of your day, with a deliberate pairing exercise. The best way to power dress without trying too hard is to add the usual suspects, but with a twist: a blazer with sequins, black heels with a shiny red bow or an off-the-right-shoulder v-neck with a leather string tassel. The twist adds the fierce, without the flimsy. Own it.”   


3. F for Anything you FEEL like 


Dressing is an instinct. Before we reach for our garments, we’re already checking in with ourselves subconsciously as to how we feel, what we need, what will make us feel comfortable, feel happy, powerful, sexy or in control. No two days will ever feel the same. The key is to listen to your instinct, and pick out your outfit based on what ‘calls to you’. For the ultimate comfortable-in-your-skin look, don’t overthink it. Overthinking can stifle our fashion sense, leaving us confused and conflicted (also making us late for work!). The first rule of thumb is to never dress for others, but instead, to dress for yourself – that’s the only look that matters, essentially.    


To help us help you take the stress out the dress, the bored out of the boardroom and to make our cupboards work for us in ways that rival the potency of Pandora’s Box (and, yes, to finally let go of those black pants), Yasmin Furmie, is bringing a riotous style treat and an authentic fashion shake-up to Johannesburg dressing rooms, with her Woven Bark roadshow Joy and Jackets, in September. Beyond learning how to put your best sartorial self together, Yasmin masterfully shares secrets on how to show up with the sassiest, most arresting, empowering accessory of all — confidence — while having fun, making friends and discovering new ‘fits’ with your tribe. 


 “Fashion in and of itself is something anyone can wear, but for me the important thing is how you take what’s fashionable and make it your own,” says Yasmin. 


Individualising your style — and having the courage and the confidence to express yourself, unapologetically, at any age or stage of your life — is really what personal branding is all about. Joy & Jackets is a highly-inspired, safe space for like-minded women who are ready to stop waiting and start living — dressed not only as our best selves, but feeling and believing that, oh yes yes YAS, we are worth it! 


For more tips and tricks on personal styling book your ticket for Joy & Jackets here

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