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Boxed Experiences

We are boxing all the beauties so that you can set them free!

Make receiving a gift an experience by going further than the wrapping paper.

Let us know what you'd like to experience at home or live, and we'll produce an experience for you and your team, loved ones or friends that you'll never forget.


Together with local entrepreneurs, we've created moments that start with unboxing your gift and spill over into moments of creating, learning, and tasting. We've even created an experience for you to take a moment and focus on breathing!

Let's create one box and many ways to experience it!

Unbox these Experiences


Wellness Experience

Together with The Cultured Whey,  we've created the
ultimate wellness experience for your group.

The teasers:
- A wellness starter pack consisting of a custom tote bag, a wellness journal, a glass water bottle and tonic glasses, snacks filled with goodness,
- Products from PlantCeuticals and The Cultured Whey,
- Speaker sessions with Nicole Barry (Integrated Health Specialist) and Caroline Bruce,
- And so much more.


Coffee Experience

An experience to celebrate and enjoy the one thing that keeps us going. Coffee! Together with Maverick + Sabre, we have built an experience to enjoy at home or with your group.

The teasers:

Customised coffee crockery,

- A guided coffee tasting and "How To",
- And your first barista starter kit!


Wine Experience

Do a "cheers" with your team! Another experience which we can present virtually or in person. This box will have your group clinking and nodding along.

The teasers:

- Premium selection of wines,
- The finest side dishes to complement your wines,
- And a guided tasting by a local sommelier.


Make & Bake Experience

From making bread, pizza, or baked treats to crafting your own handmade creation, we'll organise an at-home or live workshop for you and your bests.

The teasers:

- A guided "How To" by a local expert,
- Customised workstations,
- Your own starter kit to kick off your creation.


Cocktail & Gin Experience

Learn how to make your own cocktail at home. And yes, we'll teach you how exciting a non-alcoholic drink can be too!

The teasers:

- The best local cordials and mixers,
- Fine glassware (because presentation is everything!),

- Recipe cards,
- A guided "How To" session to create your unique drink.

What do you want to experience?

Give us the details of your ideal group experience and we'll
customise the occasion for you.

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