Michelle has run Woven Bark Studios for 16 successful years. Continually building a network of incredible local business' and bespoke brands, her focus is unique, personalised gifting. She has a keen eye for design, detail and trends within the industry. Her passion provides you with a thought out, well presented gift for your event.


Erin has joined Woven Bark Studios as Creative Director and Strategic Brand Developer. Her background in Marketing and Advertising,allows Woven Bark Studios to approach gifting holistically. We are able to generate ideas and brand activation's internally and present them through a gift, with a strong brand message.


  • Locally Sourced Gifting
  • Specialised Gifting
  • Holistic approach to gifting
  • Nationwide Supply Chain
  • Nationwide Logistics Channel
  • In house Design Studio
  • In house Marketing Team
  • In house Packaging
  • Customisation of Products
  • Idea Generator
  • Gift Deliverer


  • Creative Proposals
  • Brand Activation Strategies
  • Campaign Planner
  • Gift Planning Calendar
  • Yearly Gifting
  • Event Gifting
  • Personalisation of Gifting
  • Gift Delivery (Individual, Small/ Large Scale & Nationwide)
  • Social Media Planning
  • Content Creation
  • Styling of Content